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    Google Title Maximum Characters

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    Optimal Title Length

    Optimal Title Length should be kept to below 60 characters. This is actually based on a 600-pixel container that Google uses for displaying the title. So if your title has wide characters like W's you'll use up a lot of space quickly. 

    <title>Google Title  Maximum Characters</title>

    Page titles are important because several things use that information. Search engines, browsers, and social media. Don't over do your keywords and stuff a title with reoccurring keywords. Best to use each keyword once in a natural phrase or title. Try and place you most important keyword near the beginning of the title if possible. 

    Why won't Google use my Title? There are a few reasons like over stuff title with reoccurring keywords, the title doesn't match the content. If this is occurring then you might want to rewrite your title using proper keywords and focus the title on the content. Good way to look at the title keywords is use a keyword counter and see what words are strong in the page. If keywords you want are not strong you might want to rebuild your page using the keywords you desire.

    So running the keyword tool on my own page you see that Google, title are both strong. 


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