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    Placing single HTML page

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    Placing single HTML page

    To place your new HTML file on a page you new to do a few things. Go to your AdminCP and select the Page Icon (double page icon) then pages in the next panel. Now click on "Magic Wand Icon" or Open Page Builder.


    Now you should see the page builder screen. The left hand panel has all the modules or widgets you can place on the screen as a drag and drop function. Being we are creating a static HTML page we will open the page by clicking on the "Pages". Then we are going to click and drag the module WYSIWYG Editor to the center box. 


    Now you should have the WYSIWYG Editor in the center block. This is the main body block of the site. Top block is the header and the bottom block is the footer.  The right hand block is the side bar block. Any of the modules can be clicked and dragged into any module. They are stackable as well. You may use as many of the modules as you wish and stack as many as you wish in each frame. The little round "X" icon in the corner will remove any module you wish. Beware any page content will be destroyed permanently. Dynamic modules don't have anything to say but your WYSIWYG editor will be deleted and all contents deleted as well. Be careful.


    Now you would click the "Edit" button. This should pop-up a new window with the WYSIWYG editor and now you can type your content for the HTML page.


    Now for my example, this with be just a "This is my first web page."

    As for adding pictures. This is a drag and drop function to the box below your text box. The file automatically uploads to the site and give an option to add it to your page. Suggestion... Do not link to other web sites or use Photobucket type accounts. This gives you little control over the files a user may change or delete a photo and end up with a missing photo or change photo that is not desired. Any file can be uploaded typically and added to the page. Files uploaded to the site can be reused several times without uploading again just click the grey "Insert other media" button and you'll see the previous files you uploaded. 

    Advanced Users: If the permission for HTML coding is turned on for your group there should be a "Source" button on the editor. You can type raw HTML code at this point. Then switch back to see what it looks like. Be sure to not use any HTML4 coding this may cause issues and layout problems. This software is designed with HTML5 and CSS3 in mind so using out of date coding might create security or layout issues in the future. W3 Schools is really good about pointing out if the code is HTML5 compliant or not. 

    HTML5 Reference - https://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_intro.asp
    CSS3 Reference - https://www.w3schools.com/css/css3_intro.asp

    Once you are done with editing your page hit "Save" button. You should be looking at the frame again. Then in the lower left corner is "Finished Editing" button which will drop you out of the Page Builder and be looking at you newly created page. To return to the "Page Builder" there is a gray tab with an arrow to the right. This will re-open the page builder to allow to edit your page again as seen in the picture below. 


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