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    Linking to a new page

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    Linking to a new page

    Now you need to head over to the AdminCP and under the System (gear icon) you need "Menu Manager".


    Now we are going to link our "My Page" on the navbar for other members to access. You are going to hit the "Add Item" button.


    The new tab is created. Now you going to select "Page" up top.

    • Page - Select your HTML page you want to display. For my example I selected mypage.htm.
    • Title - Do you want to use the page title or do you want to give a short name. This you have to be careful with. Long page titles will pull the menu apart and display weird. So typically I would use "I will enter a different short 1 or 2 words name. This is not exactly an SEO problem being the page title will still be shown. Just the shorter link name is to keep the layout from breaking.
    • Permission - This is selectable. You can use the default permissions given to the page or you can customize the link to only be displayed to particular people. Be careful if you use the custom method it can end up hiding the link from others or displaying to the wrong people so be sure to test it out and be sure it displayed to the correct groups.

    So when you finished click "Save Menu Item" button.


    Your new link is created. Now you may click and drag that new link anywhere in the tree. Once you've placed your link where you want to you can hit the "Publish This Menu" button and it will save your menu and the links. Then it will be published to the live site. You may return and edit this as much as you wish. 


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